Tablets Driving Mobile TV Viewing

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A report from leading analyst firm Juniper Research has revealed that Mobile TV viewing is been driven by tablet computers.

With more mediums for mobile TV viewing than ever before it has long been predicted that significant mobile TV viewership was an inevitability.

What has been less certain is how consumers would choose to enjoy the ‘anytime, anywhere’ phenomenon. Juniper suggests that by 2014 mobile TV viewing will reach an average of 3 hours per month on tablets.

Mobile content and applications specialist and report author Charlotte Miller believes it is only a matter of time before mobile TV is embedded in everyday social culture:

Consumers are already accustomed to timeshifting thanks to PVRs such as TiVo and Sky+; what mobile TV allows them to do is placeshift. This allows users to watch their pay-TV content anytime, anywhere and on any device – the TV experience is no longer confined to the home.”

The appeal of tablet next to other portable devices is palpable in relation to mobile TV viewing. With modest yet engaging screen size tablets allow users to explore content (revealing features such as plot synopses and character biographies) giving a truly interactive experience.

Juniper also stated that although streamed mobile TV viewing on smartphones was set to soar to 240 million by 2014, companies should be focussing on penetrating time-critical broadcasting as users are most likely to absorb breaking news on their smartphone.

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