Mobile500 Alliance Attracting Advertisers With New Business Model

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The Mobile500 Alliance has created the first end to end solution for live mobile TV that delivers free over the air television to mobile devices and allows broadcasters to quickly monetize their investment.

This week at the 2012 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, the Mobile500 Alliance, a broadcast consortium comprised of 50 member companies covering 94 percent of television households, detailed the business model and enhanced features for Mobile DTV.

The key features comprised of new interactive advertising and an improved user experience that includes social media integration with Twitter and closed captioning for the hearing impaired.

The inititative will see broadcasting uniquely positioned to deliver video to viewers on the go as demand for mobile video continues to grow. The Alliance’s business model is particulalry intriguing because it looks set to reel in advertisers and broadcasters due to it's audience measurment capabilities.

Colleen Brown, chair of the Mobile500 Alliance board of directors and president and CEO of Fisher Communications, Inc. stated that this was a huge step forward for mobile TV technology:

Providing stations with advertising and audience data to evaluate their investment in Mobile DTV is a big step in the overall development of this new broadcast technology.”

Steve Lanzano, president of the Television Bureau of Advertising said that with advertisers on board mobile TV could be set to soar:

Consumers spend more time with television than any other medium and they overwhelmingly want the ability to watch live programming on their mobile devices. Advertisers are beginning to see Mobile DTV as the next great marketing opportunity.”

The Mobile500 Alliance staged another impressive coup with the involvement of Rentrak and Nielsen to provide audience measurement data for Mobile DTV, which is integral to monetizing the platform. With audience measurement from the ratings services, stations will now be able to track viewing figures, allowing them to persue a greater return on currently broadcast programs.

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